Breathe By Matie

Breathe By Matie



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Breathe By Matie
3 Stars
  • Priority assignment to high floors
  • Welcome drink
  • Near Jukdo Beach
regular price 2,688,000
₩ 151,000~/night
Tax and service charge included

    Room Type

    Rise Up Small
    Rise Up Small2 double beds
    For 4 people, 46.0㎡
    Laid Back Small
    Laid Back Small2 double beds
    For 4 people, 46.0㎡
    Rise Up Medium
    Rise Up Medium2 double beds, 4 bunk beds
    For 8 people, 69.0㎡
    Laid Back Medium
    Laid Back Medium3 double beds
    For 6 people, 69.0㎡
    Laid Back Large
    Laid Back Large3 double beds
    For 6 people, 73.0㎡
    Rise Up X-Large
    Rise Up X-Large3 double beds, 2 bunk beds
    For 8 people, 93.0㎡
    Penthouse Hang Ten
    Penthouse Hang Ten4 double beds
    For 8 people, 251㎡


    Benefits may change after moving in due to government guidelines and hotel operation guidelines/facility issues.


    호텔 기본 제공 혜택
    Room cleaning service provided daily (partially daily, once every 3 nights for full service)
    Free parking available for one car per room
    High floor room priority assignment
    Free air purifier rental available (one per room if available)
    Complimentary bottled water provided (additional complimentary provision available upon lobby request, based on room occupancy)
    Free use of sauna (up to standard occupancy per room)
    20% discount on spa services available
    10% discount at Poi-pu (cafe & pub)
    Guest invitation allowed (based on standard occupancy per room type)
    Discounted brunch available (20,000 → discounted price 16,000 won) * Prior reservation required on the day before the desired date of use

    Benefits by period

    Only at Living-In-Hotel
    Welcome drink coupon for 2 Americanos for stays of 1 week or more (re-provided upon extension of 1 week or more)
    Special breakfast platter provided free of charge for each reservation for stays of 1 week or more (re-provided upon extension of 1 week or more)
    Free microwave rental available for stays of 1 week or more (one per room if available)
    Free use of meeting room for stays of 1 week or more * Prior reservation required through hotel lobby (may not be available depending on hotel conditions and reservation schedule)
    Additional room cleaning service provided free of charge for stays of 1 week or more
    Complimentary voucher for 1 free use of the 2nd floor spa `Scalp Care` (valued at 50,000 won) (Weekday pass only)
    Early check-in (2 p.m.) and late check-out (12 p.m.) provided free of charge
    Complimentary room upgrade for 5 rooms by draw for stays of less than 1 week (excluding penthouse rooms)


    • Parking lot
    • Sauna
    • Meeting room
    Paid facilities
    The following facilities are subject to an additional charge
    • Cafe
    • Pub
    • Spa
    • Edit shop
    • Electric car charging station


    • Bed
    • Sofa
    • Table
    • Sunbad
    • TV
    • Refrigerator
    • Air Conditioner
    • Dryer
    • Speaker
    • Mug Cup
    • Coffee Pot
    • Tea Set
    • ShowerGown
    • Slipper
    • Amenity
    • Coffee Pot
    • Dyson Hairdryer (Penthouse)
    • Induction (Penthouse)
    • Wine Seller (Penthouse)
    • Oven Range (Penthouse)
    • Capsule Coffee Machine (Penthouse)
    • Private Swimming Pool (Penthouse)
    • Sauna (Penthouse)
    • Fireplace (Penthouse)
    • Abeda Amenity (Penthouse)

    Notes for uses

    The price shown includes a 10% tax and service charge. The displayed price is based on the lowest rate and may vary by room type.
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    17 Bried Hotel, Ingu Hanggil, Hyunnam-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do.