Hosikage Ryokan Hotel

Hosikage Ryokan Hotel



Hotel information

Hosikage Ryokan Hotel
5 Stars
  • Cypress tree bathtub
  • Kaiseki
  • Welcome wine provided

    Room Type

    Morino Kage
    Morino KageKing bed 1
    For 2 people, 43.6m²
    Midorino Nami
    Midorino Nami2 queen beds
    For 2 people, 43.6m²
    Hoshi Umino
    Hoshi Umino2 queen beds
    For 2 people, 45.6m²
    Sorano Ike
    Sorano Ike2 queen beds
    For 2 people, 45.6m²
    One Sorano
    One Sorano2 queen beds
    For 2 people, 45.6m²
    Namino Shotai, Republic of Korea
    Namino Shotai, Republic of KoreaKing bed 2
    For 2 people, 67.4m²
    Niwano Sasayaki
    Niwano SasayakiKing bed 2
    For 2 people, 67.4m²
    Amanogawa Royal Terrace
    Amanogawa Royal Terrace2 queen beds
    For 2 people, 126.9m²


    Benefits may change after moving in due to government guidelines and hotel operation guidelines/facility issues.


    호텔 기본 제공 혜택
    Daily room cleaning service provided
    One free parking per room
    10% discount available at Tsukikage Omakase
    Only at Living-In-Hotel
    One welcome wine provided at check-in
    10% discount available on all Tsukikage menu items (except mini bar) Breakfast: 27,000 KRW per person, Dinner room service: 63,000 KRW for 2 people
    If you wish to have all meals (breakfast, dinner) during your stay, you can use it for an additional payment of 100,000 KRW per night (contact customer center)

    Benefits by period

    Only at Living-In-Hotel
    (Weekday ticket) Front desk luggage storage service available


    • Parking lot
    • Restaurant


    • WiFi
    • TV
    • Hinokkittang
    • slippers
    • clothes hanger
    • bathroom essentials
    • robe
    • hair dryer
    • refrigerator
    • water
    • (paid) beverages and alcohol

    Notes for uses

    The product price includes a 10% tax and service charge.
    The displayed price is based on the lowest price and may vary by room type.

    [Sold Out Notice]
    * The reservation for May 28th is closed.
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    133, Daebon-ro, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan-si